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A Site of Commemoration
and Learning

Association of local authorities Bewusstseinsregion Mauthausen − Gusen − St.Georgen


After decisions in the local authorities of Mauthausen, Langenstein and St.Georgen and Upper Austrian government the association of local authorities „Bewusstseinsregion Mauthausen − Gusen − St.Georgen“ was established on January 18th 2016.
„In the awareness of the historical burden which our region has to carry because of the construction of buildings of elimination in the time of National Sozialism.
In the effort to focus this historical burden with personal and economic ressources in the region and in the population as well as more that in the region to make aware the historical development and horrible error.
In the expectation that the critical and responsible awareness in the region and more over increases.
With the aim a set up a contribution for humanisation of society and protect such wrong developments in future through information about regional historical incidents and creation of a critical and wakeful awareness.“
(extract of statute)
The office of the association of local authorities „Bewusstseinsregion Mauthausen − Gusen − St.Georgen“ was opened in the community of Mauthausen.
Mrs. Andrea Wahl is doing all organisational work and supports the board of the institution since June 1st 2016.


Main Board


Chairman of the association
of local authorites
SPÖ Mayor Punkenhofer Thomas, LAbg.
Deputy of the chairman SPÖ Mayor Aufreiter Christian
Mainboard SPÖ Mayor Wahl Erich Ing, MBA
SPÖ Deputy of mayor Stitz Gabriele
FPÖ Deputy of mayor Nerat Alexander, LAbg.
ÖVP Haslinger Franz

Assistance of main board: _ Mag.a Wahl Andrea





Round Table with participating organisations, institutions, interested persons of the region; start working association for support
17:00 Beginning, 19:00 Discussion with representatives of society, 20:00 Celebration